FullCourt.ai is changing the way parents record their child’s AAU basketball games.

  • FullCourt.ai captures the action with your iPhone while you enjoy the game.
  • Grab highlights and share with others right away – even with those who can’t be there.
  • An easy, enjoyable way for you and your child to view and learn from key in-game moments.
  • Try it today! Download the app on the App Store.
Invite players, parents and coaches to join your FullCourt.ai team and see all the highlights.

Hear What Parents are Saying

Thank you so much, FullCourt.ai, for being a partner in our family's growth as travel players.
FullCourt.ai helped record the whole entire game without having to pan and zoom on the action.
Darren K.

One Phone

Just one iPhone? Film the game manually. FullCourt.ai still captures highlights, uploads all video to the cloud and shares it with your team.

Two Phones

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FullCourt.ai uses 2 iPhones in our mount to automatically film the entire field.
Produces video as if an actual cameraperson shot it (available for basketball).
Enjoy the game!

FullCourt.ai Holder

The FullCourt.ai holder positions two cameras to capture each half of the court, creating a widescreen view of the action.  

You or our AI then can zoom in on the action, like the video below.

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What makes FullCourt.ai the best video solution for your team

Record the game without the need for anyone to operate a camera.
Create highlights in real time and edit your clips without needing any complicated desktop application.
Everyone on the team has access to the video instantly with FullCourt.ai. No need to coordinate individually or share links from random cloud storage solutions.

"Being able to press a button and get highlight clips right as they happen saves me about 2 hours per game."

Becky C.
FullCourt.ai beta tester

"One of the parents was having problems recording with their phone, and I had clipped all the highlights with FullCourt, and as soon as the game was over I sent them all the clips. They asked, 'How did you cut that so fast?' I told them I did it during the game, just pushing a button using FullCourt.ai. It's easy to use."

Greg L.
FullCourt.ai beta tester

"The cloud storage is great because iCloud storage was killing me!"

Greg L.
FullCourt.ai beta tester

"I depend on this app so much now… I can’t image how I used to manage recording games without it."

Lance M.
FullCourt.ai beta tester

"With FullCourt, I don't have to go home, get the footage off my phone, put it on a USB storage drive then worry about getting it to my daughter and then to her mother. Instead, everybody gets to watch the game."

Steve F.
FullCourt.ai beta tester

"FullCourt was responsible for getting my kid a D1 basketball scholarship!"

Adam S.
FullCourt.ai beta tester

Super Widescreen Video.
No camera person required!

  1. FullCourt.ai records the game automatically and acts as your virtual camera person.

  2. Everyone on the team gets instant access to the full game video and all the highlights.

  3. No more expensive or time consuming camera setups and manual video sharing.

Make memories.
Effortlessly generate highlights.

Simply press the "clip" button after a great play to create a 4K HD highlight. All team members can use the FullCourt.ai App to:

  • capture highlights as they happen

  • receive highlights immediately ... even team members at home!

  • zoom in on specific players or add slow motion

  • share highlights via text, twitter, facebook, tiktok, instagram, etc.

Seamless Full Game Video

Pause and resume recording during breaks in the action. FullCourt.ai removes all stoppages and combines the video into a single timeline. Missed marking a highlight during the game? Scroll through the full game video afterwards and create one.

Remote Control

You can connect to the camera remotely via Bluetooth to control the recording and capture your own highlights of plays. Join your friends in the stands.

FullCourt.ai zooms in on the action using AI to track plays

(Available for basketball. More sports coming.)

Cherish the memories.
We save them in the FullCourt.ai cloud!

All video is uploaded to the FullCourt.ai cloud, automatically. And every team member can access all the team's video. Don't worry about filling up your iPhone with video anymore. No cables, commands, or transfers required.

How to Set Up Super Widescreen Recording


Place iPhone holder on tripod

Place iPhones in holder

Instruct FullCourt.ai app to sync iPhones

Start recording

coaches GIF

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