FullCourt.ai Holder

Use our custom holder to attach one or two iPhones to a tripod. The holder attaches to your existing tripod and sets the iPhones at the correct angle to capture a near 180 degree view of the court or field. Note: The free beta test period for FullCourt.ai is ending in late November. Moving forward, FullCourt.ai will have an affordable subscription plan for families ($4.99/month, free for everyone else on your Apple Family Plan) or teams ($14.99/month, free for anyone you invite onto your FullCourt.ai team, including players, coaches, parents and fans). We will send out an announcement when the subscription plan launches.
$ 39.99 

How to Setup Phones in the Holder


Place iPhone holder on tripod

Place iPhones in holder

Instruct FullCourt.ai app to sync iPhones

Start recording

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